Friday, October 26, 2007

A partial list of things besides Autumn weather that I think are rad

I love NewsRadio. When I was in high school I wrote letters to keep them from canceling it, twice. It only worked the first time. It had the best ensemble cast of any show on television, outstanding writing, a beautiful mix of subtle and slapstick not equaled until Arrested Development, and I developed a crush on Maura Tierney so massive it almost makes me want to watch ER (almost). I still count they day I found out about Phil Hartman's murder as one of the saddest days of my life.

I love burritos. And I love living in Texas, where they are really good at burritos. I even love non-Texan burritos if they're done right; I love Chipotle and its weird, German Minimalist approach to both burritos and decor. I love enchiladas too.

I love Guided by Voices. I got to see them six times, and fully regret only being over 21 (and thus as drunk as they were) the last time I saw them. I would have a hard time narrowing down a list of my top 100 Guided by Voices songs, and would have to make sacrifices left and right; there are maybe only one or two other bands for whom that would be anywhere near the case.

I love animals, and wish that they would invent a kitten that was both cuddly didn't shit so I could have a pet. If you think kittens are not hard for someone to take care of, you have not seen the inside of my apartment.

I love playing the drums. I am horrible at the drums, but they are the most fun instrument to play.

I love England, and keep having dreams about moving there. I love that they speak the same language I do in England, but it is still a foreign nation. I also love Canada, for many of the same reasons.

I love Wes Anderson films, and could not care less that all his films are very similar to one another. If someone starts making better Wes Anderson films than Wes Anderson, it might be a problem, but for now Wes Anderson makes the best Wes Anderson films, and I love Wes Anderson films.

This is only a partial list... There are totally other things in this world that I love, but I'm tired of listing them right now. I think I've covered enough for one Rad Week.


booktapes said...

Wes Anderson, Guided by Voices, Burritos... Your list of rad things has improved by leaps and bounds. But where do you weigh in on Elliott Smith and olives? If they too make your list, I may be worried that your blog is all just a projection of my own confused psyche, and that I am indeed Joe Mathlete. Except I own 2 cats, so this is impossible.

frogboots said...

not so much on guided by voices (who are an Unknown quantity to me) and burritos, on which i am undecided.

otherwise, i'm with booktapes in thinking this blog is a projection of MY psyche and i am Joe Mathlette (i'm a girl).

oh, and i had a totally nonsexual crush on maura tierney for a long time. i used to look at pictures of her online and wonder when *I* would start looking like her.

Shelley said...

If you truly loved animals, you would go vegan.

kevthegreat said...

Actually, if you truly loved animals, you'd probably end up in jail.

LS said...

kittens/cats are hard to take care of because they require care and attention.

my cat likes to attack me, sleep on my head when i'm trying to sleep, press the f11 and f7 keys on my computer, get eye infections, and poop and pee twice a day (at least). however, she likes me more than anyone else (as in she likes me more than they like me and she likes me more than she likes them). i know it's because i feed her but sometimes i pretend it's because she thinks i'm cool.

also, way to bring up bestiality, kevthegreat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should invent a procedure that magically turns kitten turds into random things.

Mene Tekel said...

This made me happy.

Shelley said...

If you truly loved Wisdom, you'd acknowledge in your speech that the platonic ideal for love is not confined (or even inclusive of) sexual intercourse, but a passionate need to see other sentient beings fulfill their potential.

Then again, if we were like the Greeks, we'd probably end up in jail for similar reasons.

The moral: Go vegan! (somehow, that is still the moral...)

booktapes said...

...Because Ancient Greeks (Plato included) didn't wallow around in roasted pig as a lifestyle, and sacrifice animals in their religion. The moral: soapboxing vegetarians need protein.

kevthegreat said...

A cow will fulfill it's potential when it becomes a tasty steak and ends up in my stomach. Yummy. Does that mean I'm a cow lover? Ooooh, forbidden love is always the most fun!

paige said...

based off what i gather from joe mathlete's blog about his likes and dislkines, i would imagine we would be friends.

and no, i'm not above fantasizing about the weekends we'd spend together, or late night phone calls if we were actual friends.

Joe Mathlete said...

I would completely be vegan if I didn't love food so much. It makes sense to me on every level, but I've been eating pigs and cows and chickens for so long that it's not going to happen unless I get a massive willpower transfusion. It's kind of a bummer.

Elliot Smith was good at writing songs... I was never a huge fan, but I have a few of his albums and can't really say anything negative about him. My friend Jeff (currently drummer for The Mathletes) has a shirt that says "I (picture of a knife stuck in a heart) Elliot Smith," which I feel really bad about finding absolutely hysterical.

Olives are icky and gross (tasty in oil form, though).

booktapes said...

Yeah, what a way to go... There should be a separate word for such hard core killings of self as that of Elliott Smith. I guess there's hari-kari. Japanese for Extra-Strength Suicide.

Lola said...

Joe, I love that you love Wes Anderson films. I love them too. Even though they ramble and could be seen as being too artsy, I love them, because they have a strain of intense goodness running through them. You know?

Wallsy said...

If you go vegan, Sam Neil will kick your arse.

And this is a man who's taken on velociraptors, so you know he can.

tashikitten said...

Joe, I saw a button that said "I stabbed Elliott Smith" and when I saw it, I gave this strangled gasp and then burst out laughing. It's so horrible, but sooooo funny. For the record, I find From a Basement on the Hill the most accessible and enjoyable of Smith's albums. I think "Let's Get Lost" and "Pretty (Ugly Before)" are near perfect songs.

Anonymous said...

Please do come to England Joe, and if the wankers at Heathrow give you any stick, set That Dog on them. No burritos thingy jobbies in these here parts though -whatever it is they are, I dunno.

Anonymous said...

Shelley, kitten, are you having a funnies leak? This really isn't the place to order anybodies to follow your beliefs. No matter how sincere, this kind of smug, self-righteous "to claim A you must do B" sanctimonius hectoring here is out of order. Oh and its a bit rich ordering cat-owners to cease and desist seeing as cats must eat meat (for teh taurine) else they die a slow painful death. With 5 cats - all rescues - I'd still be facilitating the evil then. The moral: overly-simplistic and dogmatic solutions go somewhere else and play.

Colinski said...

Ah, how I miss NewsRadio. It's funny how so many people went on to bigger and better things after that show: Maura Tierney on ER, Khandi Alexander on CSI:Miami, Lauren Graham (remember the efficiency expert) on Gilmore Girls, Joe Rogan on Fear Factor (incidentally all shows that I do not watch). On the other hand, the greatest people on the show (besides Phil Hartman of course, who is not expected to be landing acting roles) Stephen Root and Dave Foley are stuck doing mostly bit parts (I refuse to count Celebrity Poker as a success for Dave Foley - it'd be a success for Joe Rogan or Andy Dick, but not an alumnus from The Kids in the Hall).

jilly said...

do you know what would be cool? A tv station that plays all those shows that seemingly everyone enjoyed, yet still got cancelled. We could watch NewsRadio, Arrested Development, and Freaks and Geeks and such all day long.

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