Monday, October 29, 2007

Attn: The Internet

How do you make a podcast? Is it pretty easy? Does anyone listen to them?

Is it legal? What if I just podcasted a Beatles album or something... Do people give a shit?

Why do "podcast" and "podcasting" clear Firefox's spellcheck, but not "podcasted"?

And how come neither "spellcheck" nor "spellchecker" pass the spellcheck(er)? Common usage, internet... jeez.


deckard said...

Why do "podcast" and "podcasting" clear Firefox's spellcheck, but not "podcasted"?

Because the past tense of "podcast" is "podcast", silly! Just like the past tense of "cast" is "cast".

To answer your other questions, I believe podcasting is relatively easy. Easier than, say, creating an album and publishing it online - yet also inclusive of this feat. Also the same copyright rules apply there as in any other medium.

If you made a podcast, it would immediately be my favorite podcast, at least until The Ricky Gervais Show came back.

Jon said...

[1.] You make a podcast with whatever simple audio-recording/editing software you feel comfortable with. Save it (or "export" it) out as an MP3 file, and upload it somewhere.

[2.] Once you get a workflow going, it's easy. If your computer has a built-in mic, that strikes out the only piece of hardware you'd need to buy. The only tricky part if you don't already have experience with this is uploading the MP3 file to a webserver, and jotting down the URL. Paste that URL into some highlighted text that you've set as a "link" in a Blogger post, and viola. (Details here.)

[3.] They do, and if they're regular readers like me, they're likely to have an RSS reader (Vienna, FeedReader, etc.) churning in the background, which will automatically download any podcast you put up, as soon as it goes up. Think of a "podcast" as just a normal, run-of-the-mill post that has an MP3 file attached to it.

Wallsy said...

Think of a "podcast" as just a normal, run-of-the-mill post that has an MP3 file attached to it.

Because that's exactly what it is. "Podcast" is a stupid marketing term for an RSS feed with an MP3 linked from it.

Also, I think they're pretty much a waste of time. If I'm reading something I can do other things at the same time, but if I'm listening to people talk that takes pretty much all my concentration, so I never listen to them.

Rufus J said...

People do listen to podcasts but it takes a lot to get yours noticed. You would be bringing a bit gravitas along with yours already.

Don't worry about copyrighted material, though. "Fair use".

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