Thursday, October 25, 2007

Okay, I got something

I know this has been a really shitty Rad Week, but I thought of something I like a whole bunch and am really happy about: Autumn is here!

I love a lot of things about my hometown; it's got a bunch of traffic and pollution and haunted strip clubs and gigantic evil corporations and Z.Z. Top (I think), but it's also got its good points. For 90% of any given year, the weather is certainly not one of the good points. This summer alone we had over 50 consecutive days with temperatures over 100 degrees,* and as Houston was built on a swamp it has more humidity than is healthy for humans.

But man, Autumn totally just got here this week and I've been so excited.

I have a sweatshirt that is one of my favorite things. It is old and lightweight and dark blue and has pockets and a hood and a zipper and everything. I get to wear it about six weeks' worth out of any given year. This week was the first sweatshirt weather we have had since February. Next week it'll probably be ninety something degrees like it was last week, but our miserable seven month summer is finally starting to die. I went to a park and sat down on a bench and there was a breeze and it was really, really pleasant.

See, this is boring, and also I bitched about things for most of it. I am not good at this. I do like a lot of things, but I don't see much of a point writing about them. Maybe I'll just come up with a list tomorrow and be done with it.

I apologize for how poor this Rad Week has turned out.

*: Source: Guesstimate, based on how much I hate the summer


frogboots said...

wow, that is the Classic Boy Hoodie sweatshirt!

EVERY BOY i know has one.

why not move up north?

tashikitten said...

Autumn rules. It is my favorite season.

Rex Parker said...

I like autumn. It has pretty leaves. And my birthday.

Of course, I also like ZZ Top.


JD McGregor said...

Another chapter to THE GRONE PROTOCOL would be a radical end to rad week.

Joseph said...

I've noticed that, as I slide not-so-gracefully into this adult life, that its the small, often intangable, things which are rad. It stands to reason that they are harder to think of then the crappy things, which tend to draw focus.

Like freshly drier-ed pants as you head out the door on a cold, rainy day. The rad is the morter in this brick wall of crap we call life.

CamelPimp said...

I live in San Antonio since it pretty much rained for most of the summer, I thought it was actually a pretty nice summer, compared to most years.

Wallsy said...

Another chapter to THE GRONE PROTOCOL would be a radical end to rad week


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