Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let's get snarky!

I went back and read some old comments this morning. I was hoping to feed my insatiable Thursday morning narcissism (it only seems to flare up Thursday mornings... I'm supposed to schedule a doctor's appointment but I keep putting it off), but in doing so I discovered that a couple folks didn't seem to appreciate my Magritte Explained post dealing with "The Treachery Of Images." Sort of:

Sue Who said...
Of course not. It's a painting.

12:37 PM

Danny said...
It's not a pipe. It's a picture of a pipe, and that's the GOSH WOW difference.
5:46 AM

Loathe as I am to get into such a discourse (on the fucking internet, no less) I figured I ought to somehow respond. When I was done, it seemed like I had enough for today's post, so enjoy my rebuttal as I go back to looking at myself in the mirror until it's time for lunch.

Joe Mathlete said...
This is a "humor blog," where I write jokes and things similar to jokes. I did not think I would confuse anyone with this or any other of the Magritte Explained posts into believing I was turning it into a legitimate surrealist painting discussion/interpretation blog, but I forgot that you can now get college credit for smugly commenting on inaccuracies in blog entries, so my mistake for leaving any room for error.

I understand that getting that degree (and proving to the internet that you've grasped the meaning of a half-century old painting) can win out over any desire to give a guy the benefit of the doubt, so from now on I'll be eschewing subtlety, ambiguity and irony altogether. Tune in tomorrow for a list of my Grandpa Nestor's favorite Polish jokes.


Joe Mathlete

p.s.-- To take a different angle: don't you suppose that I'd know a thing or two about Rene Magritte and his art if I was writing these entries? I didn't just google "apple face guy painting" and go from there.

6:57 AM


Sue Who said...

Joe, you're absolutely right. I'm an asshole. Let me buy you a beer to make it up to you.

My point was actually that French-speaking people must be stupid if they have to be told that a painting is not a pipe. But perhaps the smoking of said pipe was the cause of the confusion, as in "don't smoke this painting".

Hell, I don't know. No snark intended. Way to fight back, though. Don't take any crap.

doormatt246 said...

As an interesting side-note, if you do google "apple face guy painting," the first website that comes up is an oil painting tutorial from "fecal face dot com" that involves, skulls, naked women and guns. Thanks Joe!

Aaron said...

Ha ha ha awesome.

Joe Mathlete said...

Thank god I didn't google "apple face guy painting."

No worries, sue, and thanks for the clarity... I wouldn't have written anything were it not for the other guy's use of italics and capitalization to indicate smarm. You've got to draw the line somewhere.

Also, "don't smoke this painting" would be so much better than "this is not a pipe." Magritte, if you're reading this in Art Heaven and are down for some revisions, appear to me in a dream and let me know... I'm asleep most weeknights, from 2:30 AM to 6:30 AM CST.

hazelblackberry said...

Is it wrong to read Joe Mathlete while listening to Fleetwood Mac? Nevertheless, I am.

hazelblackberry said...

Furthermore, if it IS wrong, I don't want to be right.

Nemurenai said...

It's now A-OK to Google it, because the first page that comes up is...this one.

My hearty congratulations on beating out for this high privilege!

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