Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Film/television/entertainment industry, I am catching up to your ass (I got Netflix)

Took me long enough. I haven't seen a movie in theaters in close to a year, don't own a TV (I hate to be one of, y'know, those guys, but... yeah, I don't own a TV), and still don't have a home internet connection (that's changing this Friday, though... stay tuned as this blog changes into a regular series of hourly posts, mostly about how wonderful and/or shitty Comcast's customer service is). Books are all well and good, but I needed some proof that I am alive after the 19th century and know how to entertain myself, so I signed up for Netflix. It's nice catching up to popular culture.

Some things that have occurred to me so far:

-Jesus is Magic was funny, but would have been a lot funnier if a bunch of my friends hadn't told me most of the punchlines a year ago. I wonder how many movies/stand up routines I've done that with over the years. "Oops!"

-Ricky Gervais is funny, British accents are amazing, Kate Winslet is both hilarious and really hot miming jokey phone sex (thank God I'm not Catholic and wasn't weirded out by the fact that she was dressed as a nun), and I wish Patrick Stewart would actually make the movie he was talking about in season one of Extras.

-Every new Christopher Guest movie is worse than the one preceding it, but I like at least bits of every one. Usually the bits that have Fred Willard.

-Showing that they were mean-spirited, drug-addled pigeon murderers doesn't change my opinion of the Happy Mondays one bit: they were an incredibly shitty band.

-Blackface is back! But primarily as an ironic cultural educational tool. Also, it's funniest when worn by an Englishman. Also, it's weird growing up in the South (as much as Texas counts as "the South").

-I don't think I would want to date Sarah Silverman, as I can see her mostly making fun of me. But I wouldn't mind having lots of sex with her, provided the making fun of thing wasn't part of the bargain. If anyone reading this is friends with Sarah Silverman, or is Sarah Silverman, let her/yourself know: the offer's on the table. Nothing celebrities like more than semi-anonymous requests for intercourse on the internet!


Maggie said...

I'm Catholic, and the nun costume didn't weird me out. But then again, we don't get as much contact with the habit-clad as Catholics did 30 or so years ago.

And if I were Sarah Silverman (and I weren't dating Jimmy Kimmel) sure, I'd wait to make fun of you behind your back to my friends after sleeping with you. She's got the cleanest breasts in comedy, you know...

Tanya said...

check out the friends feature under the community tab on the netflix web site...when you get internet, that is. I may be the only dork that constantly sends "movie notes" to my friends.

Joe, I'd ask you to be my friend (on netflix and real life, but especially on netflix), but that may be a little creepy since I'm a stranger and all...

Matthew said...

Blasphemy! Best In Show was better than Waiting For Guffman. Other than that anomaly, though, you're right about Christopher Guest movies.

frogboots said...

if you don't have a tv, how are you watching these movies?

or did i miss something?

i haven't seen any of what you saw!

J. Neas said...

While your comment made me laugh, I will here speak up and say that, _Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches_ is a brilliant record and for one album at least, the Happy Mondays were an incredible band. I won't defend anything since then though.

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