Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hey, guess who got interviewed? Me! I did. I got interviewed!

It was me.

The Skip Raid, which I was able to correctly identify as a website on the internet with computers, saw fit to ask me a few things, and did so with aplomb and vigor. I'd like to think I don't come off as too much of a moron.

MARVEL! as I reveal which humorist's work I enjoy more: Kurt Vonnegut or Carlos Mencia

GASP! as I briefly discuss my hypocritical patriotism

SWOON! as I alienate fans of Dane Cook and The Family Guy

SHUDDER! as I reference a couple of bands I enjoy listening to

FREAK OUT! as I say at least one and as many as several cuss words

When you're done with that, check out their strange obsession with/crusade against people who have red hair. It's oddly compelling.


Brian said...

That's a pretty good interview. I decree all of your responses encase-in-marble-for-
putting-up-in-the-Louvre perfect, except for two complaints:

1. Tom Goes to the Mayor and the Awesome show are both pretty brilliant, but you think that's better than Venture Bros?!?

B. You picked pretty easy targets as the "most overrated" comedians. Sure, it is alarming how many people don't vomit at the sight of Dane Cook...but I still think that, in a Venn Diagram that has a circle of your on one side and Dane Cook fans on the other, I'd be shocked if there was any overlap.

Jay said...


David said...

Joe, thank you for Marmaduke. It is the best thing on the interweb. Thank You!

Joe Mathlete said...

b - Venture Bros is indeed rad as hell... I considered "propsing" (giving props to) it as well, but TGTTM and especially the Awesome Show get the edge for sheer uniqueness, and how inventive they are with things like editing. Green screen, man. And yeah, those are pretty obvious answers, but that's a big reason why they're the most overrated. Also I don't really follow comedy a whole lot, other than stuff I'm into, so if I'm aware of someone it's either because I like them or they're massively huge.

j - Thanks... Couldn't figure that out for some reason so I did the "labels" thing.

d - No, thank YOU. By thanking me, you do a service to us all. Let's assume.

Adam said...

No propsing love for Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Or Home Movies?

Joe Mathlete, How do you feel about Zach Galifianakis?

Also: The Critic was a cool cartoon that no one seems to remember.

"Well, he won't steal the silverware. I've glued that to the ceiling!" --Franklin

Joe Mathlete said...

adam - I ran into Zach Galifianakis once at a convenience store once in Tulsa and asked him if I could borrow four or five bucks. He reached into his beard like he was going for the money, but when he pulled out his hand he was shooting me the bird. Classy guy all the way.

Tanya said...

joe, joe, joe...they are not just people with "red hair" but GINGERS!!! do you not watch South Park? They are more evil than Cartman as Hitler!!

The Mayor said...

Merci for the big-up! Holy cow, I am a celebrity in my circle of friends for getting an interview with the Howard Hughes of the Internet (because you collect jars of peepee and wear kleenex boxes on your feet)
And yes, like Tanya said, Gingers are totally grody and sick me right out. Last night I went to see Harry Potter 5: Electric Boogaloo, and I USED to think Ron Weasley and his twin brothers were hot, but they hit puberty at the wrong time and just weird me out to the max. No eyelashes!!

Anonymous said...

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