Monday, June 18, 2007

Another comic strip thing: "The Meaning of Lila"

So every day (okay, maybe three to five out of every seven days, depending on how busy/lazy I am) I go to a comic strip syndicate website to grab that day's installment of Marmaduke so that I might explain it to the internet. It's a stupid job, but somebody's got to do it. I've been asked many times to do something similar to another comic strip, only once doing any such thing (a short-lived experiment that I don't think most people realized was my way of saying "I really don't care about comic strips, or blogs about comic strips"). However, due to accidentally clicking the wrong link on that comic strip syndicate website a few too many times, I think I'm ready to give it another go, at least this once.

The Meaning of Lila is linked directly under Marmaduke on said comic strip syndicate's website, and sometimes when I'm in a hurry I make the mistake of reading a comic strip singlehandedly trying to set the feminist movement back fifty years. Fortunately it's not very funny so I don't think we're going to have to go cloning Betty Friedan just yet, but all the same I have to wonder how a cartoon about a ditzy secretary who embodies every negative female stereotype imaginable has survived for the past year without a hint of comedy. Especially since said cartoon is written by "John Forgetta" (a guy) and "L.A. Rose" (almost certainly also a guy).

Anyway, here's a trial run (and probably the only instance ever) of my new project, "The Meaning of The Meaning of Lila," in which I apply the lessons we learn about the main character, an "everywoman" named Lila, to every woman in general.


Women are terrible with money.

Women love owning clothes.

Women love bake sales.

Women can be motivated to do things they'd rather not do by the presence of handsome shirtless men.

Women are terrible with money.

With any doubt, this comic strip will be cancelled before I accidentally click on it again. Cross your fingers, kids.


Anonymous said...

Who is the man? When I read the fourth comic I thought he was proffering his own approval of the event based on the shirtless men... so you mean he is not Lila's gay male best friend? Maybe they can each meet a nice shirtless gentleman?

H1KG1 said...

I think someone's ripping off Brad Anderson's patented brand of "Phantom Humor".

mystkmanat said...

okay, i really really do appreciate your foray into the world of The Meaning of Lila, but as long as you're mercilessly mocking other comic strips, please Please PLEASE take a crack at Blondie! Please!

Grant said...

Blondie is ripe today

kbryna said...

this comic strip is


i am proud of you, joe mathlete, for knowing who betty friedan IS!

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Like Kevin, I TOTALLY thought that man was Lila's Gay. We all have one, so it's very realistic in that way. And, too? He is usually someone at work that we take with us to the mall and other places where we can scope out boys. So, yeah. Now you gotta keep going.

jason said...

I think Zach at SMBC is borrowing your ideas.

Sammy said...

that's definitely (as another poster put it) "her gay."

which just adds to the hilarity of the stereotypiness, cause every mild mannered everday woman has to have a gay at her side.

and all of us gays only hang out with mild mannered everyday women instead of each other.

lilyana said...

Unless you are looking to achieve a totally minimalist humor, note that "Lila" engendered a mere 5-word comment for the first strip. "Marmaduke," in contrast, gives rise to longer ruminations. There are potent Lessons for Life in the "Marmaduke" explications. Point made.

CamelPimp said...

This is a real, published-in-papers comic? It looks like a shitty webcomic.

The Mayor said...

Holy shit, that is mind-numbingly shitty. Also, I hate to break it to you 'Princess Sparkle Pants' (jesus, I got douche-chills just typing that) but "your gay" hates you and is only hanging out with you till he meets another gay.
Who the fuck reads Meaning of Lila and goes "oh, that is so me! I LUV shoes!!"
In Toronto, we have something similar called Tina's Groove, which is almost as bad.

Hey Pretty said...

Oh, ha, ha. Women are socially-ignorant airheads who only care about half-naked men and shopping. Funny! Not.

Anonymous said...



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