Tuesday, May 06, 2008

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Haven't logged in for 5 years, my profile was embarrassing, the name is stupid, it's not 2003 anymore


Honest to God, this has nothing to do with the Facebook thing I wrote a little bit ago; someone brought up Friendster in conversation today and I thought "oh Jesus, I bet mine is awfully humiliating." Turns out I was pretty correct. I don't think it really would've made much difference if I would've left it be; nobody else appears to have logged in since the first Bush/Cheney administration.

The best part of the cancellation process was, I had to spend a good fifteen minutes figuring out what email address I had five years ago, then once I got there reactivating the sucker so I could get my password. Remember Hotmail? Crazy!

My evening is starting to feel kind of like a hideously plausible VH1 special from the not-too-distant future.


janeaca said...

what the hell is a friendster...? Maybe I'm too young to know what that is.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Friendster is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Melodieann said...

Friendster? Someone still use Friendster?

Ben Allen said...

Honestly, who is still keeping that site in business?

Bobby McGill said...

There business model? Attract guys looking for Filipina wives.

Joe Mathlete said...

Shit! Time to reactivate my account.

Leelove said...

This made me laugh out loud. Fucking Friendster. I can't believe that site hasn't died a forgettable, not-even-remotely-tragic death yet. It needs to. I can't remember the email address or password I had in middle school. I don't want my assumedly embarrassing account around after I die.

Archit said...

friendster? what the hell is this

Darla said...

Too funny, I've been through that sort of thing too. I think I gave up on Friendster when Dogster.com and Catster.com came out. Friendster should've become Peoplester or Humanster.

I don't like Facebook either, even though I have a membership there. MySpace's interface drives me up the wall, and I'm on about a billion mommy type networking sites. Just can't keep up with them all. It's just too much.

maria said...

ha. makes me think of xanga. wow.

Miss Attitude said...

Too funny! After reading this I went to check mine and damn if I don't remember what e-mail address I used!

Alizah said...

You make me laugh. A lot.

browniee said...

I stumbled at your site, and i find it fascinating.

GJG said...

Hey Joe!!
Just an OLD DUDE here, find your blog curiosly addictive---wish I was YOUR age--got much the same attitduds---just dragging around an older body---but thats life right?----keep posting dude, I do need the mind think.

Anonymous said...

let's exchange msn addresses and write secrets about eachother in our live journals

K.C. said...

Loved the blog. Makes me feel ancient. Friendster? Wow.. how about Atari? Yeah, it's all the same. At the time, didn't we all think that it was great. Well, maybe not even then, huh? KC

Kelly said...

loll people are funny

Juan R said...

lol...wow friendster...man that's funny. I still have my myspace though, it appears that it will stick around for a while

mYmy17 said...

FYI...........friendster do not attract filipinas to be their wives...... it's just a site for you and your circle of friends....

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