Monday, December 17, 2007

Top Fifteen Albums of 2007

Let's get alphabetical!

Apples in Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder (Hooks as big as a hippo)

Battles - Mirrored (Finally, a band where robots play the instruments AND write the songs)

Bring Back the Guns - Dry Futures (One of several Houston acts on this list; sort of like Pavement but angrier and shreddier, or Bossanova-era Pixies. Fifty pounds of ninja-sharp guitar hooks per square inch)

Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity (Their best album since their last one)

Fishboy - Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State With The Power of Rock and Roll (Equal parts epic and miniature. Why aren't all albums concept albums? And why aren't all indiepop albums this great?)

Hearts of Animals - Lemming Baby (Amazing Casio-fried one-woman shoegaze band. I was never able to actually buy a copy of this, but I pretty much crashed the HoA MySpace page this year from replaying the songs. Amazing live, too)

Jana Hunter - There Is No Home (Timeless. She sounds like a ghost, but not a scary one. I don't know any better way of describing it)

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver (Better than the last one!)

The Linus Pauling Quartet - All Things Are Light
(Heavier than Christ. Stoned-out Texas Psych riffing your face right off of your skull, leaving only a big-ass grin. Simultaneously the coolest album I heard all year and the dorkiest. Vinyl-only, but their last release was an mp3 CD-R with their complete collected works. Can't get much more 21st century than that)

Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (In the future, all rock stars will be elfin androgynes airing out their psychological laundry over plastic funk and sugar-bombed laptop pop)

Panda Bear - Person Pitch
(I never seem to be able to listen to any Animal Collective album all the way through, but I can't stop listening to this)

Radiohead - In Rainbows (A given. I got this off of a file sharing network; force of habit)

Sinkcharmer - Vegetable Farmer (This is the kind of album I wish I would get around to making already)

Something Fierce - Teenage Ruins 7" (PUNK! FUCKING! ROCK! the way it's supposed to be - fun, dirty, catchy and utterly joyous. The title track is about the most brilliantly anthemic three minutes I've ever heard)

Times New Viking - Present The Paisley Reich (Recording budgets are for assholes)


jilly said...

Wow. I thought I knew a lot of obscure music, but I only recognized about 5 of those artists. I shall now spend hours on the internet finding them out. Thanks for giving me something to do at work!

Joe Mathlete said...

Went back and added links... Hopefully you've already been able to waste enough time at work.

Alex said...

I haven't heard of many of these acts either. What's a Radio Head?

/Martens said...

Panda Bear is swell.
And I know what you mean by the Animal Collective thing. I typically skip around at LEAST 3 tracks on every CD of theirs. However, I still am in complete love with them.

some amazing indie stuff. Final Fantasy, Grizzly Bear, Architecture in Helsinki, etc.

booktapes said...

I'm convinced half of these bands are made up.

Joe: "Yeah, in my opinion the best album of the year was by The Emperor's New Clothes..."

Everyone Else: "Oh yeah... They rocked..."

But seriously, nice list.

Joe Mathlete said...

That's a good idea...

uNCLE e said...

I totally agree with most everything on your list, particularly LCD Soundsystem and Of Montreal. BUT, I think you missed one: Caribou, ANDORRA. Much more concise songs, still out there, but much better than previous efforts.
And Aliens, ASTRONOMY FOR DOGS (ex Beta Band members) is excellent.
Check 'em out.

Joe Mathlete said...

Both excellent albums... Andorra didn't grab me like their/his last couple, but it was still fantastic. And big points for Aliens-- I was a huge Beta Band fan, and I've been obsessed with "I Am The Unknown" for half a year now.

And thank you, martens, for turning me on to my new favorite website. The Menomena clip is untouchable.

paige said...

i felt indie and rad for knowing 9/15.

. said...

I barely know about half of these bands, but I always love discovering new music. Nice list.

I don't know if this would be up your alley, but if you haven't already you should check out Dr. Dog (Easy Beat is excellent) as well as Black Stolzfus (formerly Mazarin). Awesome Philly bands.

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