Saturday, June 21, 2008

Animals Part Six: April 2008, live @ the Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Jeff Goodyear: Drums
Carlos Sanchez: Li'l Drums
Jose Sanchez: Bass
Charles Larrabee: Guitar
Briana Fitzpatrick: Keyboard
Jenny Westbury: Drawings, Animal Sounds
Cley Miller: Fancy Dances, Animal Sounds
Joe Mathlete: Singing, Guitar

This is the last show we've played to date. We were asked to open for Voxtrot at Houston's Museum of Fine Arts (now with rock bands!); unnerved by the prospect of playing on a proper soundsystem in front of more than fifty people, I tried to assemble a lineup that would be as tight and well-rehearsed as ever. We still only had one rehearsal where we all showed up, but it went off rather well all the same.

Cley was playing keyboards for most of this set and didn't have time to learn this song. He said he would figure something out. I did not think this was what what he was going to figure out.


frogboots said...

how *could* you think this is what he would figure out?

christmas clothes spazdancing. jeez.

i'm sure he is an awesome person but people flailing like that at music shows have ALWAYS gotten on my nerves. it's like they are secretly screaming: LOOK AT ME I AM CARRIED AWAY ON THE INTENSE WINGS OF MUSICAL ORGASM ORGY-FYING! RECKLESS ABANDON!

or else they are secretly screaming: I AM ON LOTS OF DRUGS!

y'all sounded good, actually. i would never have guessed how little rehearsal time you had.

i'm beginning to suspect that "Joe Mathlete" is not, in fact, your real name.....

Joe Mathlete said...

I actually agree with you re: dancers in bands (lone exception: Bez from Happy Mondays, who was definitely screaming that second thing but it was just ridiculous enough to work). I think Cley's m.o. was half "I am going to mess with Joe's head now" and half "I am an excitable preschooler" so I have to give it up for him.

Had he danced on more than one song, though, I would have fired him.

the library girl said...

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Crucios said...

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googly said...

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/Martens said...

I very well may finally be able to make my way to Texas to see your shows on the 25th and 26th at J&J's Pizza and the Carousel Lounge.

I'm very excited.

fgfg said...

Hey great blog. I will be coming back and I gave you a tip (ads) Please stop by mine.

DP said...

Seriously, Houston'a a great town. I'm thinking about moving there next year when I graduate.

Reluctant Kerry said...

Thank you for what is sure to be an epic earworm. In my head right now: "toenails are animals." It makes no sense, but it's playing on an endless loop just the same.

Interesting comments you have here. To be clear: I would prefer you not stop by my blog.

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